Grant Hubert guest blogs: Babies at midnight releases

I'm not a parent, but I do know when an infant's bedtime should be. I'm guessing sometime before midnight on most nights.

I was at the midnight release at GameStop the other night for Batman: Arkham City (great game, by the way) and these two parents had a baby. In a stroller. At midnight. At GameStop. 

For those of you who have never been, a midnight release at GameStop involves these people:
  1. The die hards who wear masks and stuff because they are just SO excited. This usually includes the staff as well
  2. The 30-year-old who has to wear sunglasses whenever he is in broad daylight because sunlight doesn't penetrate that far into his mom's basement
  3. The normal people, who really want nothing to do with everyone in line because they don't want to strike up some random conversation about which villains made it into the game (I mean, come on, it's a video game.)
Anyway, this is NOT the environment for an infant, midnight or otherwise.

These two characters posing as parents are holding this screaming child in a place that is filled with the loud chatter of Bioshock (another game) rumors and which reeks of Clearasil face wash.

Not only was the baby forced to be in this environment the entire time, but this photo is of a rare moment when the parents were actually paying attention to it. Most of the time they were fiddling away on their bedazzled iPhones playing Angry Birds or whatever the kids these days are playing.

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