Do these come in size 0?

We got a really cute pair of shorts in at Old Navy last week.

They are displayed on the front table in feature, which is right by the cash registers.

The other day, a girl asked, "Excuse me, do these come in size 0?"

Now, I'm not going to say I'm an expert in judging sizes, but I've been working at Old Navy for more than three years and I'm pretty okay at it. I'm especially good at determining whether you're a bigger or smaller size than I am.

And this girl was definitely slightly bigger than me.

And I don't wear a 0 at all.

So like...you're more than one or two sizes off.

Of course, just from asking that, I couldn't assume she was buying for herself, so I didn't judge yet.

I said, "I'm not sure, but I can check the computer for you. If they do come in 0, we probably only got one in and it may have already sold."

I was moving to get the shorts to check, but she held the 2 up to herself and sighed. "No, it's okay, I just know some people have stopped making them. It's so hard to find my size these days."

Like, you're wearing your clothes entirely too tight if you're wearing a 0.

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