Are your french fries gluten-free?

So I was walking up to the A&W in the food court yesterday. The whole food court was empty except for me and a mom with a stroller walking in front of me, so OF COURSE she had to go to the A&W too.

I just wanted some french fries. That's all. And as I walked up, I saw that there were already some waiting in the warming area. All I needed to do was order.

But nothing can ever be simple.

The cashier was nowhere to be found for a minute, which is somewhat annoying, but understandable when you think about the fact that they probably hadn't had any customers in the past hour or so.

They finally noticed we were there and the guy comes out. "Hi there, ma'am, how can I help you?"

"Umm, are your french fries gluten-free?"

Oh, no you didn't.


You are really going to make me sit here and wait for this guy to scratch his head for ten minutes trying to figure out if his french fries are gluten-free? You couldn't have let me go ahead of you? You couldn't have looked this information up online?

So he doesn't have any idea, of course! He goes into the back and looks around for several minutes. She turns around and gives me this smile/shrug combo that's supposed to make me feel better, like, "People and their gluten, right?" I am not playing along. I give her a SOLID glare that should make it clear that I'm extremely annoyed with her.

The cashier finally emerges with a box of frozen french fries. "It doesn't say anything about gluten, so I'm not really sure, but here are the ingredients."

She responds, "Oh, yeah, it says wheat there. So that's not gluten-free." Like he should know.

"...Oh. Well...sorry about that!"

She sighs heavily, then walks off to the next restaurant to ask them about their gluten content. Like, I understand that it's probably difficult to find places that accommodate your child's allergies, but you don't have to act like everyone's out to get you. And you could DEFINITELY let me go ahead of you. Thanks.

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