"Are you sure you're open?"

At Old Navy, when there are a couple of people in line, the main cashier will call for backup. The person who is assigned to back up at the time will come up to the registers and say something like, "I can help the next person in line at register three."

I, personally, am not very loud, so I understand that sometimes customers don't hear me when I say this. In this case, I'll either go up to the next customer and tell them, "I can help you on three if you want to step over," or I'll ask the main cashier to send me their next in line.

This generally gets the job done.

Tell me why these people the other day could not grasp what was happening for some reason.

I was main and I called for backup. My coworker, Ally, came up to the registers. I was on register two and she was on register three.

As she walked up, she said, "I can help who's next at register three!"

The next people in my line didn't hear her.

So I said, "You guys, Ally can get you at register three if you'd like to step over."

They look at me like I'm crazy, look at her, and ask, "Are you open?"

No. She's not open. I just sent you over there so she could laugh at you and tell you she's not open.

Like, come on, people! She obviously just walked up specifically to check you out. Her light's not on because she just got there, she's not main cashier, and the light on three doesn't work anyway.

We just assumed between her telling you she was open and me personally sending you over there, you would get it, but that's obviously too difficult for you.

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