You don't get to know the mall hours.

This is a window outside of one of the entrances to the Meridian Mall.

Some punks have vandalized the "Mall Hours" stickers so you can't read them. This is extremely rude.

I'm all for graffiti, but not destruction. I mean, this is just unhelpful. Now people don't get to know what time the mall is open. What would make you want to do that?

So this is rude, which is why I'm posting this, but I also want to pose the question: Why haven't they replaced the missing numbers? I don't remember exactly when I noticed they were missing, but it's been at least a year because I remember having seen it like this during my sophomore year. Have the security guards or the mall manager or owner or whoever runs this place not seen it in the span of an entire year?

I know it's small, but I feel that small things like this make a huge difference in the way a business is viewed.

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