Turn off your alarm.

I live in a dorm again this fall because I'm graduating in December and didn't want to bother with a one-semester lease.

There's a girl on my floor who is somehow incapable of waking up to her alarm. I don't know who it is. I hope it's someone pretty close to me, though, because I've been hearing it pretty much every morning and I would hate for it to be bothering a lot of other people too.

And it's not like it wakes me up; that would be extra ridiculous.

But I'll be up and in my room with the door closed and start hearing it. And hearing it. Aaaaand hearing it. And, obviously, it's much louder when I'm out in the hallway.

Yesterday, the alarm went off for more than ten minutes straight.

I'm sorry. How have you not woken up from this? Even if it's less of an abrupt awakening and more of a gentle transition, after TEN MINUTES of your stupid alarm, you should be awake.

And if your alarm doesn't wake you up, get a new alarm.

And if you're living on a floor with about forty other people, try to be especially considerate.

I really shouldn't have to listen to your alarm going off for ten minutes.

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