Today at Olin...

I was waiting in line to pick up a prescription from Olin. The line was quite long, but I had plenty of time before I needed to be in class so it wasn't a big deal.

There were only two employees at the front of the pharmacy attending to customers and it was pretty obvious that they were both trying their hardest. They both looked incredibly stressed and I got the impression that the lines had been like this for a while, if not all day.

One of the employees was handling people who were coming to pick up prescriptions and one was getting the prescriptions as they were filled for the people who were waiting for prescriptions they had just dropped off, which I thought was a pretty fair system. The employee who was helping people in the line apologized to every person when they got to the front of the line. I was appalled to find that nobody was saying "Oh, it's fine, I understand," or "Don't worry about it, you're obviously trying." Invariably, each of them said something closer to, "Yeah, wow, that took forever," or "Geez, what took so long?"

Like are you serious, guys? So rude!

Anyway, this one girl gets up to the front and is about to pay for her $70 prescription with her parents' credit card, which is an American Express card. Olin apparently doesn't take American Express.

Here's the thing about that. I don't really know what different businesses' reasoning is with not accepting American Express, and I really don't care to look into it.

But I do know that if you have an American Express card, you should be fully aware of the fact that a lot of places don't accept them. I'm fully aware of it and I don't even have one. Basically every person who uses an American Express card at Old Navy asks me if we accept them before they swipe their card. (We do, by the way.)

So this girl should not have been surprised. But of course, she was. She huffs and puffs. "But...uh...I mean it has to be this card cuz it's the one my parents pay for."

The lady is super apologetic and nice about it, but she can't take it. "I'm sorry sweetie, you'll have to pay for it another way, or I can put it back on the shelf and you can come back for it..."

The girl pulls out her card and swipes it, saying, "We can try this one."

It's declined.

"Yeah, I figured it would be. I GUESS I'll just have to come BACK for it."

She throws her card back into her wallet and storms off with a huge sigh.

Listen here, little miss. The poor pharmacy worker is doing the best she can. She's running around trying to get all our prescriptions together, the other woman is trying to get the ten or fifteen people that are waiting for their prescriptions to be filled out of the way, and you're really going to be huffy about something this woman has absolutely zero control over?


And the saddest part of this whole thing was that after I had gotten my prescription and I was about to walk away, I told the woman to have a nice day, and she answered with the most surprised, grateful, "Thank you" I have ever heard. It should not be out of the ordinary for you to tell the cashier to have a nice day.

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