Status reposts

I absolutely, positively cannot stand when people repost chains on Facebook without verifying their validity.

It actually makes me so angry that I'm having trouble articulating my anger in a logical way.

Okay. Reasons why I think it's stupid to do this.

First of all, why would you not check to make sure everything you're reposting is true? You just trust your friends that much? Why? They're obviously not trustworthy, based on how many stupid, crap-filled statuses make their way around the good ol' Facebook.

It baffles me how people get enraged about something they read and then repost it without seeing if it's true! Like, I have read things like these that, if true, would make me angry as well, but before I take it as fact and post it as my status, I look into it a little! Almost always, the story is either completely or partially fabricated, or at least blown way out of proportion.

Second, if you care enough about something to broadcast it to your Facebook friends, why would you not take the time to WRITE DOWN YOUR OWN OPINION to post rather than mindlessly copying and pasting? This especially bugs me when the reposted thing is full of grammatical errors.

It just hurts me.

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