Sorry, I know this is rude.

I was checking out a really nice woman at Old Navy today. When the transaction was almost over, her phone started ringing.

She checked the phone and didn't answer it. It rang a second time.

She looked at it again, presumably deciding whether or not to answer. It rang a third time.

She said, "Oh, I know this is rude, I'm so sorry," and ANSWERED THE PHONE.

Here's how life works. If you know something is rude, you don't do it. The fact that you're apologizing does not make it any better. At all.

The same rule applies when you're the last person leaving the store. Saying you're sorry does NOT excuse it.


  1. ..unless, you know, it's really important. Which is could have been. If it's your kid, you never know if they're calling bc they can't find the milk or they've set the house on fire. Just sayin'

  2. I agree with the prior comment. If this person took the time to call 3 times in a row it was obviously important. How can you think that's rude? Oh and I know this is rude, but your way overreacting about something so stupid.

  3. They didn't call three times, it rang three times...duh...

  4. "She checked the phone and didn't answer it. It rang a second time."

    And didn't answer it. Then it rang again. Sounds a lot like they are calling again to me.

    Your a terrible writer.

  5. ^You're

    And, to me, the writing was very clear.