So is someone going to come over here?

Here's something I don't understand.

The way both stores I work at are set up, there are some registers in the front of the store that are away from the wall, and then there are two against the wall that form a sort of counter. We call this the customer service desk at the Michigan store, but this is solely because it doesn't have numbers, so there's no other good way to tell someone you'll check them out there. At the other store, we call it what it is: registers six and seven.

Anyway, the "customer service desk" is not a special place to take returns or get price adjustments. I realize that some stores work this way. Target, for instance. You take your questions, concerns, and/or returns to the customer service desk. It makes sense.

We don't have that.

Now, because other stores do, I completely understand when people ask, "Can I do a return here?"

Yes, you can. And I'm really not mad at you for asking.

Here's what does get on my nerves: when people come in with a return and just go stand at the customer service desk even though there's NOBODY THERE.

You are so stupid!

Sometimes, this will happen when I don't have any customers. It can take me a minute to notice because I don't just look behind me all the time. When I do notice, I ask "Can I help you?" from where I'm standing at my register.

They invariably ask, "Is there not someone here?"

I'll answer, "No, I can help you over here."

Then they'll say, "Oh, but I have a return...can you do that?"


But sometimes, this will happen when I have a line, which is much worse. Because then, they're stuck over at the customer service desk and I have no idea. And then when they finally realize, they're all huffy when they come over to the register because they have to stand in line behind people who technically came to the register after them.

The other day, one of my managers was dressing a Supermodelquin, so she was at the very front of the store, right by where you walk in.

A customer walked in and asked, "If I have a return, where do I take it?"

The manager said, "Kristin will help you right there on register one."

I had a customer at the time, so I didn't really pay much attention to where she went. After I got done with my customer, I looked around and found her down at the customer service desk. Why was she there? My manager was so specific! I guess her predisposition to going to customer service desks overruled the specific instructions she got.


  1. if it happens that often, why not put a sign up near those registers? i mean wouldn't that be the logical thing to do?

  2. lol fuck you, it's really not "extremely dumb." you are extremely dumb and a miserable bitch. the shit you complain about is unbelievable. those people are following protocol for what they're familiar with.. how that's dumb is beyond me.

  3. "Following protocol for what they're familiar with." You mean blindly following what you're used to instead of taking a second to actually think about your actions? Oh, you're right. That's not dumb at all.

    Also, not sure if you have the pleasure of knowing Kristin in person, but she's not a miserable bitch. She's pretty funny and usually just voices what everyone else is already thinking.

    Also, also... if the point of all the swearing was to make her feel bad about herself or something, you failed most amazingly. :) Yay for you!

  4. I like how the only person that commented on this that used capitalization, and proper punctuation is Laura. At least sound intelligent when you yell at someone. Gosh.