OMG Facebook's going to start charging?!?!

We've talked about how stupid these silly Facebook repostings are.

Let's be more specific. There's one going around right now about Facebook starting to charge people for its use. The best part is this isn't anywhere near the first time this status has made its way around the site.

Facebook is never going to start charging for use because almost nobody would pay. Enough people would disable their accounts that Facebook would lose all its advertisers and the people who did stay wouldn't make up for it.

Look, Facebook even promises that they would never make you pay!
Aww, thanks, Facebook!

But here's the most important thing. The status that's going around claims that if you repost it, you'll automatically be exempted from paying for Facebook.

Are you serious? You think that by reposting a stupid chain status, Facebook would be like, "Oh okay. We were going to charge you but now we just, you know, won't."

I can't believe I'm friends with anyone who would actually believe this.

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