"New Location"

Sorry this picture is so absolutely blurry.
This church was inside the mall in Bowling Green, Ohio. The idea of having a church in a mall is sort of strange to me, but that's whatever.

This sign is taped onto the gate that mall stores have to keep people out. It says "Broken Chains Church At 'New Location' By Dunhams."

Here are my problems.

First, what is with these cutesy sort-of-block letters? Teenage girls used these like, ten years ago and it's not cute.

The church's slogan, "Church with an edge," is popped onto the right side of the poster as an afterthought and it's so small that it's barely legible.

There are more problems, like the fact that every word on the entire sign is capitalized and centered, but the absolute worst part? "New location." Why is this phrase in quotes? It appears to be a new location but it really isn't?


Stop putting things in quotes that aren't supposed to be in quotes.

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