Little girls and their purses

I'm going to go on and make an executive decision that you need to stop letting your daughters carry purses.

I don't know why parents think their tiny daughters can handle the responsibility of a purse. Maybe some of them can handle it, but with the amount of mothers and fathers who frantically beg us to find their poor daughters' purses, I'm going to say the majority can't.

When discussing this topic with Jessica Goodman, she astutely observed that children obviously can't be trusted with purses since "they can barely wear shoes."

True story. 

A father came into Old Navy a couple of days ago, asking about his daughter's purse, which was blue and had some change in it. I looked in the lost and found and didn't see it. My manager told the dad we would look for it and that he should stop by before he left the mall to check.

The dad said they would be around for awhile and they would definitely make sure to check back before they left.

As they were leaving the store, the girl started crying really hard. And I felt bad for her. Like, yeah, it was technically her fault that she lost the purse. But it's totally her parents' fault for letting her bring it to THE MALL.

About five minutes later, someone found the purse. We were all excited and had it up by the registers for when they came back.

Except, oh great, they never did. All it would have taken was a quick trip back down to this end of the mall to fix your child's ruined day, but no. In addition to making the irresponsible decision of letting her carry the purse in the first place, you also couldn't be bothered to come back and check on it.

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