Let's talk about appropriate teaching attire

I had a prof today who was dressed in these jeans with the worst back pockets I've ever seen. They were the kind with button flaps, and the flaps were big and gaudy and black (as opposed to the jeans, which were blue) and it made me really sad for him.

Because if you're okay with wearing those in real life, which I already don't approve of, they should be your casual jeans, not your teaching jeans.

Then my other male prof did even worse! He was wearing a long-sleeved button up, nice khakis, and Crocs.


My rule is: never wear Crocs.

But if you're going to wear them, definitely don't wear them to teach.

And if you're still going to wear them to teach, at least don't wear them with nice pants!

Geez, prof, you're breaking every rule.

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