I'm just going to stand here and chat for a while.

I was the main cashier on register one for two hours today. At one point, I had a few people in line so I called my coworker up to help me.

She checked out a group of women. When she was done with them, there was one person in my line in addition to the people I was ringing up, so she was going to help them. But before she could say anything, these other two women rushed up to the women who were about to leave because they apparently knew them.

Cue the screaming "catch-up" talk.

"Oh my GOODNESS, how have you BEEN?!?!"

"Oh you know, I just have three kids. THREE! Can you BELIEVE it?"

And so on and so forth.

I'm fine with you having a conversation in my store, but please have the decency to move so that you won't be directly in the way. The main problem was that they were preventing my coworker from checking out the other people she was about to help.

Also, the way the registers are set up, these women are literally about a foot behind me, and they have no volume control at all, so I'm actually having to raise my voice for my customers to hear me. My customers, by the way, were also getting annoyed. They were rolling their eyes at the women and had to have me repeat myself a couple of times.

It goes on like this for more than five minutes. This includes me checking out the people that my coworker would have checked out if the women had just moved out of the way.

The coworker had walked away since the women obviously didn't want to be checked out. When the first group finally left, the other two women were still standing there. "Oh," one of them said. "She left."

"What?" the other responded.

"She just LEFT!"

Like, YEAH, she left. I'm the one ringing people up and there wasn't anyone in line! Did you expect her to just stand there staring at you until you were ready?  She has other things to do.

So as they finally realize that I'm still there, there's someone walking up to my register. I've already greeted her and have her items in my hands when one of the women, still standing at register two, says, "Excuse me, are you open?"

Now, I don't like to talk to other customers as I'm checking customers out. I like to devote my full attention to the customer I am with at the time. But I don't just ignore people, of course. I answered, "Yes, I am."

"Or do we need to go to the customer service desk for this?"

Well first of all, I don't know what "this" is because you're still talking to me from directly behind me. And secondly, you're taking way too much time away from my current customer. I answered, "I'll help you as soon as I'm done."

When they finally got in line, I could tell right away that the woman wanted to pay the bill for her Old Navy Card.

You can't do that in the store, unfortunately. And I know you can at Kohl's, I don't want to hear it. We're not Kohl's. Sorry.

And if it wasn't completely obvious, I might feel a little bad for people who come in thinking they can pay it off (which happens ALL the time, by the way). But seriously, right there on the bill, RIGHT BESIDE where it says the amount that's due, it also says that we don't accept payments in stores. It's not hidden on the back and it's not even in small print. It is SO obvious.

Anyway, I finish up with my customer and ask how I can help the women. The woman holding the bill says, "I just need to pay this."

"Oh, I'm sorry, we actually can't take payments in the store. You can pay it online or by mail."

"Oh no, but it's due tomorrow!"

You know what? You have been screaming in my ear, keeping us from checking people out quickly and efficiently and interrupting other transactions. I seriously couldn't care less that your bill is due tomorrow.

I apologized again, though, and in response, she made a frowny face, like that's going to help. Then we were just kind of looking at each other. There wasn't anything else I could say. I wanted to say, "There's really nothing I can do about it," but that would have been rude.

After she was done with her frowny face, she said, "Well, if I pay it online it probably won't post in time."

"Yeah, it takes a couple of days sometimes."

Like, why are you not understanding that there's nothing I can do about it?

Please leave.

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