I need to use my mouse, sorry.

I was at Matt's this weekend for our anniversary.

Today, he had a doctor appointment and I went with him because, well...what else would I do? So I was sitting in the waiting room while he was in the appointment.

The waiting room was super empty. There were about fifteen or twenty seats and five people at the most. But you know how doctor's offices are set up; there are like, three chairs over here, and then two over there with a table between them, and then five over there, and so on.

So Matt and I had sat down at a place where there were three chairs. I was on the outside, he was in the middle and there was nobody in the third one.

Then he leaves, so there's me and two empty chairs. There's also a huge section of chairs against the far wall that nobody is sitting in at all. As soon as Matt left, I put my purse in his seat and got out my book and started reading.

So this girl comes into the waiting room and sits down in the seat next to my purse, which I find weird, but it's not a big deal. Like, yeah, it would make more sense for you to sit in one of the many other open chairs, but whatever, you know?

She takes out her laptop and starts working on some homework. Then after a minute or so, I realize that my purse is moving a lot. I look over discreetly and this is what I see:
She has gotten out her little USB mouse and is using it on the chair that my purse is in.

Sweetheart. The touch pad is really not that difficult to use. I understand that some people prefer to have a USB mouse (Matt is one of those people), but there is no need to take it with you anywhere except your house and your office, and there's definitely no need to get it out when it's going to be bothersome. I mean, in addition to the fact that she's knocking my purse around, she's also having to awkwardly reach down to reach the mouse and to move it around. Is that really better than using your touch pad?

Also, why did you feel the need to sit by me in the first place if you were planning on using the chair next to you as your mouse pad?  Why not sit in any of the other wide open chairs that also had chairs open next to them?

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