How are you doing?

Here's a rule: When you walk into a store and an employee says, "Hi, how are you," you need to answer them.

Here's how people break this rule:
  1. By completely ignoring you, including not even looking at you. Excuse me! I'm talking to you here. I'm not whispering and I'm like five feet away from you. I know you heard me.
  2. By looking at you, but not answering. This is awkward because it further confirms that you definitely heard what I said. You're seriously going to make eye contact and everything but not answer my question? 
  3. By answering, but not reciprocating. Oh, so you're doing fine, but you don't care how I'm doing? Thanks, good to know that you don't consider me a person worthy of consideration.
Rude alerts all around.

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