Dressing twins alike

I hate it when people dress their twins alike.

Two main points apply here.
  1. It's annoying. The whole thing about twins, to me, is to encourage individuality. I don't know anything about child psychology or parenting or whatever, I just think it looks bad, especially when they're babies, before it's easy for people to tell them apart. But actually, scratch that. I find it even worse as the children get older, because I know your two- and three-year-olds have developed their own personalities and their outfits don't need to match. Again, I don't know anything about parenting, I just know that when I see twins dressed alike, it makes me sad for them.
  2. My main problem with this, though, is the money it wastes. This obviously doesn't apply to baby shower gifts and whatnot, but I see people all the time at Old Navy buying multiples of the same item for their twins. Like, if they're the same size, they could share the clothes so you would only have to buy half of them and just dress them in different things at different times. And when you have two babies at the same time, I can only imagine you would want to save as much money as possible.

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