Don't smash my denim.

What is up with people feeling like they can lean all over perfectly folded clothes?

I was making the denim wall pretty today. When the denim wall is pretty, it's really pretty. This is the boys' denim wall when it looks pretty:

Mmm. Pretty.

Anyway, so today I was making the women's denim wall look pretty, and this woman and her daughter came up and were looking at the coats that are underneath the jeans in the wall. They are not even looking at the jeans.

The mom decides to lean against the denim so that she smashes four stacks of denim. How do you even do that?

And I'm always seeing people sitting and leaning on tables. Like, get off! I just folded that! Just now!


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  1. There are always going to be people doing that. When you shop for clothes the other ones always get unfolded. It is your job to fold clothes. If your going to complain it then maybe you shouldn't have it.