Your baby's picture as your profile picture

I have a lot of friends who do this. A lot. Like, so many. And my opinion on this matter doesn't mean I love them any less.

But honestly, people. You are not your baby.

Profile pictures are for people to identify you. It's supposed to be a picture of yourself.

There are silly things like Pokemon profile picture month and that one week when people had celebrity doppelgangers as their profile pictures, and that's one thing.

I also think it's perfectly acceptable to have a couple of people or even a group of people in your profile picture.

But to have a picture of just your child and not you at all is not only silly, but also confusing.

You can have as many pictures of your child as you want on your Facebook page. Make entire albums dedicated to the pictures you have taken of them. I don't care! Just don't make it the picture I'm supposed to identify you by.


  1. All of my good friends (which is all I have on Facebook) know what my child looks like, so it isn't confusing for them at all.

  2. But suppose some one who isn't a close friend wants to look you up on Facebook, a future employer, a journalist, or a long lost relative/classmate or whatever. They might not know you have a child or what he/she looks like. Then what? Chances are there is at least one other person on FB with your name (mine isn't common at all and there's still three or four of us). Thus, confusion ensues. Still, the bigger point isn't even that it may be confusing. Either way, you are not your baby.

  3. True. But I don't have my profile available for people to look for me like that, anyway. I don't want employers in particular looking for me online, that's invasive and a waste of their time when they could be considering my actual qualifications. (I am currently job hunting so I have considered this.) And no, I am not my baby, but he is certainly the center of my universe so he is in just about every photo I have of myself anyway. :)

    I think it's just a personal opinion, like most of the posts here.