Aw, zilch.

So this woman comes up to me at Old Navy yesterday with a workout bag that costs $19.50.

All our bags were 30% off. She hands me the bag and asks, "What will this be with the 30% off? I only have $10."

Well. Let's see. The bag is almost $20. So in order for it to be $10, what percent off would it have to be?

About 50% off! Right! Good job, guys, I knew you could do it.

I scan the bag and tell her, "It would be $13.65 plus tax."

Let's pause the story right here for a second. Do you realize, ma'am, that not only did you look at the price of the bag and think, "This might be within my price range," but you were actually so convinced that it might work that you brought it all the way up to the register and asked me how much it would be?

Like, it is so obviously going to be more than $10. Seriously. Duh.

So anyway, when I tell her how much it's going to cost, her reaction is literally, "Aw, zilch!"

I'm sorry, what? "Zilch" is not a curse word. Zilch means zero, which is how many of our workout bags you were able to purchase with your $10.

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