"You take all these back right now!"

I had a customer in Old Navy the other day who bought three pairs of jeans and one pair of athletic pants for his son.

Then, about ten minutes later, he came back.

"Um...I'm sorry about this, but my wife told me I had to bring these back."

"Oh, that's okay...was there something wrong with them?"

"Well, no...She just...she's waiting in the car, and she pretty much had a fit when she saw I bought stuff from Old Navy. She said your clothes wrinkle really bad and she'd have to iron everything. So...she told me I'd have to take it all back."

For a second, I just kind of stared at him. Some things were going through my mind:
  1. If you take things out of the dryer promptly and fold them and put them away, (especially jeans) they won't wrinkle.
  2. Why didn't she tell you Old Navy was off limits before you left the car? If she's waiting in the car, she obviously saw where you parked. Old Navy is visible from outside the mall, so why would she not have warned you to go to a store inside the mall rather than the closest one?
  3. How pathetic are you that you actually came in to bring the stuff back? If my wife had neglected to inform me that Old Navy was off limits and then ordered me to return things I had bought there, SHE would have been the one dragging the stuff back to the store, not me. 
I think he noticed my confusion/disapproval because he continued, "I'm sorry. She's having a really bad day."

I laughed, "Yeah, I guess so," and returned the items for him.

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