What's that thing called? Oh, who knows?

At Old Navy the other day, I was checking a customer out. It was a daytime shift and we weren't all that busy, so I was really concentrating on getting our email percentage up.

At the end of the transaction, I asked the customer for her email address. She paused for a significant amount of time, and then said, "Um, hold on, let me just show it to you cuz I'm not sure what some of those things are called."

Normally, I would have just said it wasn't a big deal, printed her receipt and sent her on her way.

But there wasn't anyone in line and I didn't have a lot to do, so I told her that was fine and not to rush.

She pulls out her phone and fiddles with it for a good two minutes, then shows it to me. She has pulled up her Facebook app and logged out in order to show me her email address.

It is: herfirstname_herlastname@yahoo.com

Are. You. Kidding me.

She just didn't know the name for the underscore.

I'm not saying she's stupid for not knowing that it's called an underscore. But I am saying she's stupid for not being able to articulate it to me somehow. She could have said "that underline thing" or "the dash that's at the bottom of the line instead of the middle" and I would have understood.

It is not that hard to explain. Geez, lady.

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