Oh hold on, that's not really my email address.

Okay. So at Old Navy, we have to ask for people's email addresses. The way the system is set up now, if you give your email address in a transaction where you use a debit or credit card, the system knows your email address and you don't have to give it the next time.

With the old system, though, you would give your email address first. A lot of the time, people would enter their email address after the transaction, so it would connect it to the next person's card.

Emailing receipts is an option now. When someone asks to have their receipt emailed and there's already an email address attached to the card, the email address pops up on the screen and I ask the customer to verify it. If it's wrong, they can tell me and I can go back to the email screen and fix it.

So. Today I had a customer who said she would like to have her receipt emailed to her. I clicked "email" and asked, "Is that the correct email address?"

Time out. So, when the email address pops up on the customer's screen, we see it too. During this transaction, I had already checked the woman's ID for her credit card, and the email address that popped up was a completely different name. So I was assuming it was a situation with the old system, and that she would say no, and we could fix it.

Not so much.

She says, "Yeah, yeah," and clicks "OK" on the screen.

So...whatever! Some WKU student is going to get your receipt in her email and be very confused! It's not my problem that you don't pay attention!

But then, about 30 seconds after she walks out the door, she walks back in. "I don't think that WAS the right email address."

"Oh, that's why we ask..."

"Well I just assumed it would be right."

...That is such a stupid assumption. Wow. Just read the thing before you press OK. Is that so difficult?

I reprinted her receipt, so it was fine, but still. Just pay attention.

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