No, it has to be something useful.

So at Old Navy, we have toys and stuff by the registers to encourage impulse buying.

I had a mom and her small daughter in my line the other day and the daughter was picking up various toys. She was very young. I'm bad at guessing ages, but she was somewhere between the age where you learn to walk and five years old.

I'm scanning the mom's stuff and the mom is watching the little girl look at the toys. The girl holds up a set of Hello Kitty rings with lip gloss in them for the mom's approval.

The mom says, "No, I'm not getting those. Pick something useful."

Now, I think this is a little weird already because I feel like the girl might be too young to know the word useful.

Also, I think the fact that these adorable rings have lip gloss in them makes them very useful!

But whatever, the mom already said no. So the little girl keeps looking, and after a few seconds, she picks up a harmonica. Now, harmonicas are very useful. Instead of something you wear, she had picked up a musical instrument. I'd say that's definitely a step in the direction of usefulness.

The mom laughs, "Haha, no. You are NOT getting a harmonica. Something USEFUL."

Well whatever, Mom, I guess we'll keep looking. Next, she picked up a recorder. Another musical instrument, another very useful item! Good job, little girl.

"No, stop it. I said something useful. Useful. USEFUL!"

This is where I start getting really annoyed. Like, will you please be more specific? You've obviously already asked her to get something "useful" and her ideas didn't match up with your ideas, so maybe if you gave her an idea of what you think is useful?

The mom then bends down and seriously picks up the off-brand Barbies we have right now.

Because that's super useful.

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