It doesn't say that in the fine print.

This guy came up to me at Old Navy today and asked if he could use the coupon he had in his hand at our store.

It was a Banana Republic coupon, and it's a fair question because sometimes coupons from Banana Republic and Gap are valid at Old Navy.

But like I've said before, you have to actually read the coupon.

So anyway, the guy walks up with three packs of socks and says, "I have this coupon from Banana Republic and I was wondering if I can use it here."

I say, "Hmm, maybe, let me see."

I start reading the fine print and within the first two lines is wording that specifically states that the coupon is valid on Banana Republic merchandise at Banana Republic stores in the United States.

"Oh, no, it looks like it's only at Banana Republic."

"Oh, are you sure?"

"Yes, sorry."

Then I start ringing up his socks.

"Oh, well actually...never mind. I mean I read the fine print and it doesn't say anything about it..."

"Yes it does, on the second line there."

"Oh. Okay." And he walks away.

Like, it is so obvious. How could you read the fine print and miss that? It's not like it was at the bottom, or even in the middle. It was pretty much the second piece of information in the fine print.

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