I'm trying to watch a movie but I can't stop coughing!

Last night, Matt and I went to the movies to see "Don't be Afraid of the Dark."

It came out on Friday and Matt and I like to go see scary movies on opening weekend because we enjoy the crowds. Scary movies are much more fun when there are lots of people going through the experience with you. You all get scared and gasp at the same time, you can all breathe a collective sigh of relief when each scary scene is resolved; it's just better on opening weekend.

Okay. So the movie was pretty full, but not packed.

About halfway through, someone coughed.

Then someone else coughed.

The first one was definitely legit and I'm pretty sure the second one was too. You know how sometimes when someone coughs, it makes you realize you have to cough too? I think it was one of those.

But then, someone else coughed. And then the preteen girls beside us giggled and coughed at the same time.

And then it was over. So like, okay. It was immature, but if you're not going to keep it going, then it's not a huge deal.

But then, about five minutes later, someone coughed again, and I'm not sure if it was legit or not. Whatever the case, it sparked another trail of coughs, this one lasting about six people.

Matt and I were getting pretty annoyed; I don't know about everyone else.

Then it happened about three more times.

Like SERIOUSLY. I expect talking at an opening weekend showing of a scary movie. I expect giggling. But a coughing war? Really? 

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