I just really want to sit beside you.

You know what I hate?

Couples who sit on the same side of a booth together.

Thoughts on why:
  • Do you not want to look at each other? I prefer to look at Matt when we're out to dinner.
  • Isn't talking awkward? You have to talk out of the side of your mouth or always turn your head to the side!
  • Are you doing this because you want to be touching them? Because generally, when I'm eating, I'm only trying to touch my eating utensils.
  • Aren't your elbows bumping into each other? So many opportunities for awkwardness!
  • And it's so awkwardly intimate! Like, when I see a couple on the same side of a booth, I feel the need to look away. I feel like I'm invading their privacy. But really, they're invading my privacy! We're out! In public! This is not my fault!

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