I don't have another way to pay.

We've talked about how you can't use a credit card that isn't yours.

When you're planning on using a credit card that isn't yours, and then I don't let you, you have a couple of options.
  1. Pay for it another way. This is the most rational because you obviously wanted the items. But I understand that you may have only brought that one card. So the second option is,
  2. Put it on hold. If you really need to use that card, you can put your purchase on hold and come back later with the person who actually owns the card.
  3. Storm out angrily. This is the path that's used the most often.
 The other day, I had a younger girl who was trying to use her aunt's credit card. She was with her mom and she was buying a $3 shirt.

I told her she couldn't use the card and asked if she had another way to pay. (Option one, if you remember.)

She sighs heavily. "Nooooooo."

"Would you like me to put it on hold?" (Option two.)

"No, I won't be able to come back."

This is where the mom steps in with option three. "Come on, are you serious? It's three dollars."

 You know what? You're right. The total is THREE DOLLARS AND EIGHTEEN CENTS.

I'm one hundred percent sure you had another way to pay.

And here's the kicker: Before I checked the girl out, I had checked the mom out. She had given me a $50 bill for a purchase of about $40.

I had given her a $5 bill back (in addition to some ones, of course).

If she really wanted the shirt, you could have given her the money. I mean, it's only three dollars, right?

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