A collection of stupid bumper stickers for you

I saw all of these within the last TWO DAYS.
"Abortion stops a beating heart," "I'm proud of my eagle scout"
and I don't remember/can't read what the one on the left said.
"Proud parent of a soldier." But not just one bumper sticker of pride.
TWO bumper stickers of pride.
"LOL!" (with the Obama "O") and "Don't blame me, I voted for Palin!"

REALLY guys? Really?


  1. If people like this get shot at on the highway... there should be no repercussions for the shooters!!!! The last guy especially needs a brain transplant!

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  3. When you see someone with multiple bumper stickers reading "Proud parent of a soilder", they have one for each child serving. In this case two.

    And to Make Shift Model, I beg you to travel to Washington DC. Throw a fit. Make it your personal mission to free John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo. Tell the families and citizens there those men should face no repercussions for their actions. Then invite your newly freed friends to live in your town. I'm sure no on would have a problem with that.