"Cheers (Drink to That)" by Rihanna is SO DUMB

I hate this song so much.

First of all, Rihanna, how are you going to sample an Avril Lavigne song? You're a thousand times more popular than her. I feel like only up-and-coming artists get to sample famous songs. Like when Jason Derulo sampled "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap, that made sense because he wasn't very popular yet. But this one doesn't, and Lupe Fiasco's Modest Mouse sample doesn't either.

Moving on, I think the concept of this song is a little strange. I understand that this is supposed to be an anthem for the working-class folk and it's not actually supposed to be coming from Rihanna, but I can't help but feel it's extremely inauthentic. What is so special about the weekend for Rihanna? As a superstar, every day is the weekend. Yeah, you have to work, but it's not like you're stuck in an office 9-5. And you have to perform on the weekends!

And even if you were going to disregard the fact that this song means nothing coming from Rihanna, I hate the fascination with the weekend. As a student who goes to class and/or works pretty much every day, the weekend means absolutely nothing to me. Even past the working student population, though, every person in retail has to work weekends, and this includes adults whose grown-up jobs are in retail. I understand that a good amount of people work normal Monday to Friday jobs, but I think the amount might be smaller than it seems.

My favorite part is toward the end of the song when the music drops out and there's this group chorus, which then gives way to the song again. I do not understand the thought process here. When I first heard this song on the radio, I thought the people at the radio station had decided to sing along at the end of the song. It sounds so weird and bad. If you insist on having something like this in a song despite how bad it sounds, it needs to be at the very end, because it is just strange and confusing to throw it into the middle. It's almost as bad as spoken interludes.

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