Are y'all open?

My Old Navy has been opening early for a couple of weeks. We usually open at 10 a.m. Monday through Saturday, but we've been opening at 9 a.m. instead.

It's still on a trial basis, though, so we haven't changed the times on the sign or anything.

I completely understand that this is confusing. We're open, but our sign says we don't open for another hour.

This is why we've propping the door open when we're open early.

So if you walk up to a store and see that the door is propped ALL THE WAY OPEN, you would understand that the store was open, right?

Well, of course YOU would, you're rational!

My customers, though? They're not rational. Every morning, at least two or three people walk in the door timidly and ask, "Are y'all open?"

Like...yeah. The door is wide open. So...we're open.

Come on in.

But what's even worse is that when I say, "Yep, we are," they tend to answer with, "Oh, well your sign says you aren't."


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  1. Its better than the store I work at. The weekend before Ick-mas, we opened an hour early on Saturday/Sunday and they didn't post it anywhere and only informed the customers who were in the store as we closed the night(s) before... smart right?