This sign is...awkward...

Sorry for the poor quality :(
This sign reads, "Discussing a friend or family member during your appointment time is inappropriate. We will be glad to schedule an appointment for them."

It was hanging in the room at the dermatologist's office when I went to have a mole removed last week.

Okay. I completely understand the types of situations that might arise that would cause this sign to be necessary.

But the sign raises three questions for me.
  1. How many people were getting so far off topic that they felt it was necessary to post this sign in every room? Like, it has to be a pretty major problem that's causing lots of wasted time for them to decide to do this.
  2. Could they not have worded this any more politely? If I wrote this sign, it would have said, "Due to time constraints, we are only able to discuss information specific to you. If you have a friend or family member who needs an appointment, we will be glad to schedule one for them." Or something along those lines. Be somewhat more polite. That's all I'm asking for.
  3. When are people going to learn not to center everything?
With all that said, though, it was a great experience overall. Everyone was super nice and it didn't hurt and the doctor was fantastic.


  1. I love following your blog, Kristin. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  2. I think you can pretty much get over the centering thing. It will always be viewed as how (especially signs) it should be done because it's easier to read.