She said you don't have a military discount...but whatever.

This woman came into Old Navy the other day because an employee had left a censor tag on the jeans she had bought the day before for her husband.

That's definitely something we try to avoid as much as possible, and it's totally our fault when it happens, but it does happen sometimes.

So anyway, she's being really rude about it. This, though, is definitely a situation where I'll be extra extra nice to make up for the fact that we messed up.

So as I'm telling her that I'll be giving her a coupon for next time and apologizing like a hundred times, she starts telling me why I should feel extra sorry for her.

"You know, he's military. I tried to get the girl to give us a military discount yesterday, but she wouldn't give it to me."

"Oh, that's because our military discount is only on Mondays."

"Yeahhh, that's what she said."

And the way she said that made it obvious that she didn't believe her, which, I'm assuming, also meant she didn't believe me.

Like, are you serious? You think a cashier would lie about a discount? It's Military Mondays. It's what we do.

So then, she's like, "So can you give me a military discount since I had to come back?"

Like, no! I can't just make up a discount for you. You are crazy.

And, like I've said before, nobody deserves a clothing discount for any job they do. It's clothing. So don't huff and puff about the fact that we don't hand you a 10% discount for no reason.

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