Psh, soldiers these days and their flip flops.

This past weekend at Old Navy, the company partnered with Operation Care and Comfort to donate items to the troops. We did the same thing last year, and we, of course, had all the same customer problems this time as we did last time.

On Friday, one of my managers asked a customer if he wanted to donate a pair of flip flops. The customer scoffed and said no thanks. Which, like, rude, yes, but it's whatever, you don't have to donate.

But then, as the customer walked away, he said loudly to his wife, "Psh, when I was over there, we didn't wear flip flops. We wore boots!"

Um...right. It's not like they're going into combat with flip flops on. They're mostly for the shower. And I'm 100% sure you weren't wearing boots 100% of the time.

Along this same line, I had a customer on Sunday who asked, "I mean, do they need them?"

This is a difficult question for me because I don't really know all that well. I know that we're donating them and I know soldiers wear them in the shower. But I haven't gone over to the combat zones and asked how many soldiers have flip flops and how many need them.

I said something cheery like, "Well, the soldiers use them as shower shoes!"

And the guy answered, "Well duh, but I don't wanna donate a pair if they're just sitting over there in piles!"

Wow, so rude! Sorry for trying to answer your question.

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