Neverending construction projects

You know those construction projects that have been going on for so long that they feel like a permanent part of your life?

I hate those.

Some examples:
  • There's some mess in Dayton, Ohio that makes the lanes shift and separate and whatnot that has been going on since before Matt started college (in 2009).
  • The drive from Louisville to Lexington had been messed up all summer, and I started to feel like it was never going to change, but then, maybe two weeks ago, they switched it to where the drive back was messed up instead, so I guess they're making progress.
The one that's bothering me right now, though, is the Watterson Expressway. Oh my goodness.

Here's the thing. I'm pretty rational about construction projects. There are three things you need to have a construction project where I'm not going to be angry:
  1. An actual need for construction
  2. Consideration for drivers
  3. Actual progress being made
This Watterson project has none of these things.
  1. Actual need for construction- Absolutely not. From what I can tell, they're trying to repave the entire road in the section between Dixie Highway and 65. Which, of course, is the section of 264 I have to travel pretty much every day. The problem is, there was no need to repave it at all. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the road. It wasn't rough to drive on. I really don't understand the decision to do this.
  2. Consideration for drivers- No. My biggest pet peeve about this whole thing is that they will have all but one lane blocked off for drivers going toward Dixie Highway when they're only working on the other side! I'm sorry, if you haven't poured any concrete on this side for several days, it's all good and dry, so we could definitely be driving on it at least until you decide to do more work on it again. And honestly, it's so hit and miss it's ridiculous. There's no way to predict which side is going to be under construction which day or when the lanes are going to be blocked off. 
  3. Actual progress being made- Don't make me laugh. Yeah, I'll see them pour a tiny section of the road one day, and then there's no progress for days, and then they're pouring what looks like the same section, and then nothing again! I just don't get their rationale. It's a BIG section of road. If you want to get it done eventually, you've gotta work on it more than like, two days a week!
As a small side note: I think that would be one of the worst jobs ever, because everyone is driving by watching you work and you know they all resent you for being there, but it's not your fault. So just to be clear: I dislike the project, but I fully respect the workers themselves.

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