Mary Jane Skaggs guest blogs: No, no, I was here first.

A few days ago I was at the Staples in Dixie Manor waiting to get something laminated at the Print Center. There was only one person working that area and she was helping someone order some business fliers and cards, so it was taking awhile.

I walked just a few steps away to look at something, but left my paper that I needed laminated on the counter.

When I walked back, a man in a suit was waiting, too, but he was a few feet back from the counter. I went on and stepped up to the counter where my paper was and thought it was pretty obvious that I had already been waiting and had just come back.

It must not have been obvious to him, though, because when the girl finally asked if she could help me (about ten minutes after I had gotten there), he very loudly said, "I was here first and I'm in a hurry."

I was so shocked by his rudeness! I tried to speak up and say that I had been there for several minutes, but I could tell he wasn't listening, so I just told the girl that it was okay and I'd come back another time.

She was equally shocked, as was the person she had been helping, but neither one of them said anything.

After I walked away, I was annoyed with several people in this situation -- the man who thought he was more important than anyone else, the Staples worker who should have spoken up and told him that I had been patiently waiting for ten minutes before he came, and me for not speaking up to defend myself.

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