It would be much easier if you had scanners.

A woman came up to me at the cash register the other day at Old Navy and shoved about ten items across the counter.

"I don't know how much any of these cost; I didn't see a scanner anywhere."

Okay. A couple of things, right off the bat.
  1. If you would LOOK AT and READ the signs when you picked things up, you wouldn't need a scanner to tell you how much things cost.
  2. You didn't see a scanner because we don't have them. We are not Wal-Mart. We are also not Target. Why do you think we have a scanner? 

Back to the story. I said, "Oh, yeah we don't have those," and started scanning her clothes and telling her how much each thing costs. She said she didn't want about half of them, which is annoying on an entirely different level. Like, the cash register is not a drop-off for stuff you didn't want. If anything, take those clothes to the fitting room.

Anyway, once she's determined what she does and doesn't want and I've put the things she does want in a bag, she gets all these boys' boxers out of her shopping bag. Some of them are on clearance and some of them aren't.

"I also don't know which of these are on clearance and which aren't. And then the ones that are marked clearance have a bunch of different prices, so I have no idea what's what. A scanner would be helpful with that."

Okay, get over the scanner thing, please. We don't have them and there's nothing you can do about it. I mean, yeah, it would be more convenient for you, but the scanner would probably just become another drop-off point for rejected clothing, which would look ridiculous.

Now, about the boxers. We've already established that things go clearance by color. So the clearance boxers are the ones marked clearance and the full price ones are the ones that aren't marked clearance. And whatever price it says on the boxers is almost always going to be the correct clearance price.

To be fair, all the boxers are together in the wall, but we try to make it pretty clear that the ones that aren't marked aren't on clearance. They are generally in two different rows, for instance, and it's not like they're in a clearance section. The main reason I think it's silly for her to assume they should all be in clearance is the majority of the boxers are not marked.

I mean, if I found an area with about 50 pairs of boxers and only a couple of them weren't marked clearance, I would wonder if they had just been missed or something. But in an area with about 50 pairs of boxers where probably less than 20 are marked clearance, as is the case in our store, I would assume the unmarked ones were regular price.

Of course, if we had a scanner on the sales floor, we could have avoided this whole conversation, though I suspect people wouldn't trust it either.

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