Is your air broken?

Old Navy's building is built in a way that does not allow us to regulate the temperature very well.

To be specific, there are a lot of windows.

This means that even though we have the air blasting most of the time during the summer, it gets pretty warm.

People complain about this a lot, and I understand to some extent. It does get uncomfortably hot sometimes, and this is the kind of complaint that we would reasonably be able to do something about. So I really don't mind people asking if we could turn the air up or letting us know that it's hot.

And when people do bring this up, I say something like, "I know, I'm a little warm right now too. The air is seriously blasting, though, I promise, we just have a lot of windows."

And this generally settles it pretty well.

Here's what really is a problem, though. People are always asking if the air is broken or if we just don't have it on.

Okay, first of all, it's hot outside. We would never just have the air off. 

And as for the air being broken, like, I'm sorry, have you ever experienced Kentucky summer heat with no air? Because it's oppressive. You would know if our air was broken.

Honestly, I feel like they would close the store if the air was broken.

It would be absolutely unbearable.

So like, yes. It's hot. But no, the air is not off.

So anyway, when people ask, "Is your air broken? Gosh!" I say, "No, we just have a lot of windows and it's 95 degrees outside."

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