I still need 28 cents...

There was a little girl in Old Navy the other day trying to buy two graphic tees. They were on sale for $4 this weekend, so her total was $8.48.

She digs through her wallet for a little while and comes up with a little more than $8. She looks up at me and says, "I still need 28 cents."

I feel a little bad, but honestly, I can't just pretend she's giving me more money than she is. And do you really need these graphic tees, little girl? Anyway, I start to get a line, and she's still just staring at me.

"I'm sorry, do you want to put one of them back?"

"Well, I kind of can't." But then she doesn't elaborate, of course.

So I'm just looking at her. And she's looking at me. And that's when I notice that she has a $20 bill in her wallet still.

Her mom comes in, apparently wondering what was taking her so long, and the girl said, "Do you have 28 cents?"

"No, if you don't have the money, just put it back."

Thank you, Mom. Apparently she didn't need it that much.

Then the mom says, "Don't you still have the $20?"

The girl looks down, frowns, and says, "Yeah but I wanted to spend that in the mall."

ARE you serious?

You held up my line and all but asked me to pay the 28 cents for you when you had other money that you only wanted to keep because you wanted to spend it in another store?

I have absolutely no sympathy for you.

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