"I might need to speak to your manager."

Okay. You know what?

I've worked at Old Navy for more than three years. I know our policies really, really well. When you ask me a question, I can answer it with confidence.

You do not need to speak to my manager.


This woman came up to me the other day and the first thing she said was, "I might need to speak to your manager."

I said, "Well, I can try to help you."

She said, "I have this coupon, but my printer broke. I wrote the code down."

"...Yeah. That's no problem."

Just a tip for everyone: It's never a good idea to ask for a manager first. The sales associate can usually figure it out for you just fine and asking for a manager just makes the associate resent you.


  1. That probably stems from the feeling that the customer has a "special circumstance" and assumes that only a manager would have the authority to decide on her case. You have to admit that it's also annoying to have to explain a long story to a crew worker, only to have them turn around and say "Sorry, I can't do anything about it, let me get the manager" and then have to tell the whole thing over again.

  2. Happened at Borders all the time. It was standard policy to allow them to use it by writing the code down. Regular customers caught on pretty quick and preferred that to wasting an entire page and printer ink.