I don't care. Hold on, I really do.

We can email people their receipts at Old Navy now, which I think is really great.

So at the end of each transaction, I ask the customer, "Would you like your receipt emailed to you or on paper?"

Okay. So not very many people choose the email option yet, but I think people will start choosing it more eventually. (It's new and they're not used to it yet.)

But whatever, you know? I'm not mad that you want your receipt on paper. It's fine for you to choose that option. Here's what really bothers me, though.

Sometimes I'll ask people how they want their receipt and they say, "Oh, I don't care, whichever."

We already know how much I dislike indecisive customers.

But whatever. If you say you don't care, I'll make a decision for you. But I'm going to choose to email you your receipt.

So tell me why pretty much every time someone says they don't care, and I therefore choose email, when I ask them for their email address, they say, "Oh, no, just print it."

Like, are you serious? Don't tell me you don't care and then start caring all of a sudden.

I don't even hide my disdain when this happens. Why couldn't you just make a decision in the first place? Don't make me do like three extra things on the computer just because you don't know how to decide between two options.

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