Geez, learn how to drive!

I was driving home from work yesterday and I was sort of stuck behind a car that was going a little slow.

I say sort of because I definitely could have gone around the car, but I wasn't really in a huge hurry and I didn't have much time before I had to turn, so I didn't feel like making the effort.

There was a truck behind me, and I could tell the driver was getting annoyed that we were going slow, but honestly, go around us if you're annoyed.

He didn't go around us though, so I figured it wasn't that bad.

Anyway, at one point, we were at a red light. All the cars ahead of me were stopped. The slow car in front of me was stopped. I stopped in plenty of time. Plenty of time. Like seriously. I didn't stop fast at all.

And then, after I had already stopped, I looked in my rear view mirror to see how my friend in the truck was doing. He hadn't stopped and was getting closer and closer...and closer. He finally noticed that we were stopped and slammed on his brakes.

This is all fine, things like this happen. Whatever.

But his reaction made me so angry. He finally stops or whatever and then, I'm assuming to get the sympathy of the three other people in the truck, yells, "OH MY GOD LEARN TO DRIVE."


You're the one who wasn't paying attention. I was stopped. Everyone was stopped. You're the only one who was out of the loop here.

You just didn't want to look stupid in front of your friends.

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