Expectant mother parking

Some of the closest parking spots to the Jefferson Mall Old Navy are reserved for expectant mothers, which is SO DUMB.

People who aren't pregnant park there all the time. We basically ignore the fact that the signs are even there.

But that's not the point of this story.

Here's the point of the story.

I had a customer who was being extremely annoying. She didn't read any of the signs correctly, so she was getting all worked up about none of the prices being as low as she thought they should be. So after three items, she sighs and says, "You know what, just forget it."

"I'm sorry about that, are you sure you don't want any of it?"

"Yeah." So she's walking away, whatever, and then she turns back around and looks like she's about to deliver a zinger. Seriously. The look on her face made me think I was about to get burned.

She says, "Oh, I wanted to let you know, one of your employees is parked in an expectant mother parking space."


Wow, that's SO IMPORTANT, thanks for telling me.

First of all, I don't care AT ALL if a non-pregnant person parks in one of those parking spots.

Secondly, you have absolutely no way of knowing that that girl is not pregnant! NEWS FLASH: You can't tell right away.

I said, "Well we have a few people who are pregnant right now, so it was probably one of them."

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