Don't be so mean to your children.

There was a woman in Old Navy a few days ago with three kids. She wasn't checking out yet, but she was looking at all the fun stuff in the register lanes. The kids were sitting on the floor playing with some of the toys we have for sale.

I was on register two, and there's not much space in between the first and second registers. The children were positioned on the floor in such a way that a customer trying to get to my register would be blocked from doing so.

So anyway, none of this was a problem because we weren't very busy, but then someone walked up, obviously wanting to check out.

The mom noticed right away and said, "Hey guys, get out of this woman's way."

They either didn't hear her or didn't care.

She said, "Guys, she's trying to check out, come over here."


She's getting a little frustrated, but understandably so. I mean, is it so hard to listen to your mother? Come on.

Then she laughs, "I mean you can just step on them if they're not gonna move."

Okay. She was clearly joking. She was obviously trying to make up for the fact that her children were blocking your way. It was a friendly thing to say. She even laughed! 

The woman who was waiting looked absolutely shocked and genuinely worried. She said, "Oh my goodness, that's so mean!"

Like, really? Obviously she's not actually fine with you stepping on her children. Come on.

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