Dollar signs. Seriously, get it together.

Why are there so many people who ignore the correct usage of dollar signs? I told you before about our good friends at Taco Bell and their NBA $5 Buck Box.

I've seen two other examples in the past few weeks that have been bothering me.

First is a flier that National College delivered to Old Navy for us to display in the break room. They want to encourage all us poor retail employees to go back to school, I suppose.

Look at that! They have $2 million dollars (That is, two million dollars dollars) in grant money!

Let's not even talk about all the unnecessary capitalization in this flier, I can't even handle it.

Anyway, now I'm reading all the archives of this wedding blog, HitchDied.com. I haven't gotten to the beginning yet, and I assume she'll explain why she chose to call the blog this combination of the abbreviated forms of their last names, Hitchcock and Diedrich, but honestly, Hitch Died? Isn't that weird to you? Whatever.

The girl is absolutely adorable and snarky and fabulous. And her grammar is usually pretty good, though I can see where she rushes and maybe doesn't edit very well all the time.

But this is the thing that bothers me most:
Honestly. You know how to use it right; you say $2 a cut and for $30, but then you say, "That will save me like $10 whole bucks!" Ten dollars whole bucks. That makes SO MUCH SENSE, right? Also, it happens more than once. I was willing to let it go the first time, but then I saw it in a second entry and I couldn't handle it anymore.

And my biggest problem is that she has many readers. Many. I'm just saying, I would be much more careful if I had a super-popular blog. Mine is much less popular and I'm already way more careful than her.

But still, she's super great and you should read her blog.

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