Bumper sticker buddies

I was behind these two cars yesterday and I was just so amused.

The truck has a bumper sticker that says, "Make America One Nation Under God, Vote Right."

The car has bumper stickers that say, "T. E. A. Taxed Enough Already," "Your 'fair share' is not in my wallet," and "Fred Thompson 2008," among others.

First of all, your stupid bumper stickers are stupid. Secondly, Fred Thompson didn't even win the PRIMARY in 2008. Are you kidding me with that? Why don't you run out and get a "Michelle Bachmann 2012" sticker?

Secondly, you guys should be best friends! You're both conservatives who feel strongly enough about their views to express them via bumper stickers! And you both have red cars too! Look at that. And they may not have ever even noticed because they were driving beside each other! What a shame.

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