You've lost my business.

Here's a tip: It doesn't make any difference to me whether or not you shop at Old Navy.

So when you're trying to get your way, you do not need to tell me that you're "never coming back here."

I've said this a million times, but Old Navy is not a boutique. It is a corporation. This isn't to say we don't care about our customers. We do, and we try our best to solve problems and make our customers happy.

But as a corporation, we have policies that have to be followed a little more strictly than a smaller store's policies do.

With this in mind, I'm not trying so hard to keep your business that I'm going to break rules for you.

So saying, "I can't believe I'm being treated like this; I'm never coming back here," is not going to do anything. Do you think I'm going to hear that and say, "Oh no, we don't want to lose a customer! Here, let me...
  • override the price of this item to the price you thought it was going to be even though there isn't a sign anywhere near it.
  • return this item with no receipt even though it's clearly against our policy.
  • call another store after I've already called four others and been on the phone for thirty minutes looking for a clearance item that OBVIOUSLY nobody has."
Like, no. None of these things are happening.

And honestly, when people use this argument, they've usually proved their stupidity enough that I'm dying for them to leave anyway. So like, oh my goodness, you're never going to come back? Promise? Because that would be fantastic.

And anyway, whenever people say that, they end up coming back the next week.

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