You didn't give me my whole Groupon.

There was recently a Groupon to Old Navy. Which is cool! Groupon is cool and Old Navy is cool and I like giving our customers discounts.

There's a small problem though.

The Groupon was "$20 for $10," so you buy the Groupon for $10 and get $20 worth of merchandise.

Because you've already paid the $10, when we ring up the coupon, there are two codes. One is a coupon code, which comes off of the item subtotals, and then the other is a gift card number.

I'm not going to talk about all the reasons Old Navy may have set it up this way. They did, though, so that's just how it is.

Here's the problem. Customers just don't get it.

I had problems at first with people thinking they were only getting the $10 off because they would see the gift card part on their receipt. Then I would show them the part where, under each item, it said "Groupon" and then "-x.xx" for whatever amount of the other $10 came off of that item.

Then they would usually leave happy.

So now, I'll say each time as I'm ringing it up, "It's a little confusing because there are two different codes, but the first one is a coupon code that comes off each item and the second one is a gift card code for the other $10."

After explaining it that way, you should really get it. It's complicated, yeah, but not THAT complicated.

So anyway, people still get confused and come back or call back later.

Here's the thing. You should realize that you're getting $20 off your purchase!  Like, if money actually matters to you enough that you're going out of your way to buy a coupon to a store, you should be keeping track of how much you're spending and how much your clothes add up to.

If your total is $20 less than what your clothes added up to, then you got the whole Groupon, okay?

If you're buying a $29.50 pair of pants, so your total is $31.27, and then I take the coupon off and it drops to $20.67 (because it subtracts $10 from the price of the item before tax) and then I put the gift card in and your total ends up being $10.67, you should KNOW you got the whole $20 off and you shouldn't have to be able to see it on the receipt.

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