No, I'm pretty sure I need more money back.

Yesterday, I was doing a return for a girl.

Of course, she's annoying from the start. The first thing she says to me is, "Your extra large is too big and your large is too small." Um. I'm sorry.

So anyway, she returns both pieces of a bathing suit. She had originally bought the extra large when they were on sale for $10 each, but she had a coupon and therefore bought them for $9.90 each. (And before you say something about what a terrible coupon that is, it was a $5 off coupon and it gets spread across all the items.)

So anyway, she had already returned the extra large and bought the large, which was just an even exchange, so there was no money involved. When that happens, you scan the old ones and it pulls up how much they paid, then you scan the new ones and override them to be the same price.

So I'm doing the return from the second receipt, which is the one that the second bathing suit is on.

It comes to $20.99 with tax, and because the original bathing suit was paid for with a debit card, it gives me the option of giving her cash or putting it back on her card. It turns out that it was her mom's card though, so she doesn't have it with her. This means I give her $20.99 in cash.

This is where it gets really annoying. She doesn't have a purse or wallet or anything and she doesn't have any pockets, so she stuffs the money in her boyfriend's pocket. I staple the three receipts together and hand them to her, and she leaves.

Then she comes back, frantic, about 30 minutes later, and asks, "What did you do with that receipt?"

"I gave it back to you."

"No you didn't."

So I hand her the trash can and tell her to feel free to look through it. I glance around the counter and everything to make sure it's not there and it's not. I wouldn't have been so nonchalant, but I specifically remembered handing it to her because she walked out with it and I wondered what she would end up doing with it since she didn't have any pockets.

So anyway, she apparently remembered what she did with it then, because she ran out and started digging through the trash can outside. She found the receipt in there, which is already a victory for me because I DID give it back to her.

She comes inside with the receipt. She has to wait in line for a minute because I am helping another customer, and while she's in line she gets a phone call. She says, "I know, Mom, I'm in line right now, I'm gonna tell her."

So she gets up to me finally and actually has the decency to tell her mom to hold on while she talks to me, so that's good! She says, "You only gave me $20 back but the swimsuit pieces were $16.50 each."

I point to the part of the receipt that shows what she paid for the swimsuit and say, "They're originally $16.50 each, but you paid $9.90 each for them, so that makes $20.99 with tax."

To her credit, she understands right away and apologizes. As she's walking away, she puts the phone back up to her ear and tells her mom that I was right because they had bought the bathing suit at a discount.

Then about 30 minutes later, my manager gets a phone call. I can tell by his face that he's talking to someone that's extremely angry, and the first thing I hear him say is, "Okay, let me ask my cashier and see if she remembers."

He puts her on hold and says, "Did you return a bathing suit earlier?"


The girl seriously came back after already checking out, I explained it to her, she explained it to her mom, and then her mom SERIOUSLY still called the store upset?

How do you not get it? Do you just expect to get a price higher than the price you paid? It says RIGHT THERE on the original receipt that you paid $9.90 for each piece. And then the second receipt shows that you returned and re-bought them for the same price. And then the third receipt shows you returning them and getting the price you paid back for them.

It just really bothers me that people feel like they're getting cheated all the time. Because...they're not. So they really all just need to calm down.

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  1. Why is this even happening at all? Good god, Old Navy has dressing rooms. Who buys swimsuits without trying them on? You take both sizes back with you, and try them on. One either fits or it doesn't. If neither do, you find another freakin suit. Even if she didn't try on the first suit, why would she return it and just buy the next size down, still not trying on the second one, risking the need to make yet another return. Try shit on before you buy it people. Do you really have oodles of free time and patience to make that many trips to the mall?